NBA InPlay App Bewertungen


This game is very confusing please fix the directions at the beginning


Never mind that other review! This dozen’t work! I compared my results and the app preview and man! It never connects well! In order to record points, I have to kill the app and open it again! Was this even made by a company the NBA trusts!?

The “quick play” never works

I really enjoy this app but I am tired of committing to a full game. Anytime I start a quick play game the game clock starts counting down from 2:54 and then will tell me the game is over in the middle of a turbo. Could you please fix this so I can rate your app five stars and be slightly less depressed with my life? From my iPhoneX ios 11.3.1 If that helps you at all...

Great concept. Very fun. Needs work.

Big thing: Works terribly under iPhone X, various other models. Navigation is horrible and inconsistent, no matter the model. More importantly: it’s really fun. Particularly with friends. So download it. Play. And stomach the annoyances.


Great idea if the app worked! I can’t start a new game it just goes back to my last game. I restarted the app but it would not work!!! It’s really frustrating and I’m going to delete it

Loved it until..

IT WON’T SYNC UP TO MY BROADCAST! It worked last night and I loved the concept even though I only got to play one half, but when trying to play today it won’t sync with my broadcast!

Syncing is a pain

My device rarely syncs and it’s a pain in the behind! I troubleshoot it the way the website says to, and still nothing. Fix it or I delete it.


Fix syncing


This app is so awesome also if you rated this app go subscribe to kaybub on YouTube.

It’s great but...

Listen I love this app. I have nba league pass and I watch basketball all the freaking time. But the clock never syncs up with the tv. I have seen many reviews like this which needs to be fixed right away. Let’s be honest here, this app would have a 4.5 or above if it actually worked. FIX THIS PLZZZZZ.


Doesn’t sync up to the game and I can’t even use my turbo


App is a good concept and seems like it would be fun if it worked! Rarely syncs up to the audio and when it does the clock is never synced up so you are basically just guessing with using your Turbo for the quarter. Would love to see this app fixed and actually work but I highly doubt it will be because the NBA app is broken and if it’s the same devs then they will not fix it.


Confusing, can’t see how many points you have. The “on court” players don’t update.

Steadily getting worse with each update.

Here are the problems 1. won’t register points till quarter is over 2. turbo wouldn't start at all on some games 3. clock used to be a second late (guaranteed points whee) 4. clock now a second or two earlier than broadcast. ( even more guesswork) 5. not assigning prizes (I’ve had multiple quarters and games where I was in top 10 but no prize awarded.

Never works

It rarely syncs to the tv and/or the clock is always off.

Oh brother... not good.

iPhone X - the app is slow; offers little information; misinformation; doesn’t update properly; player-point system is stupid and far to simple; the list goes on... The idea is fantastic, just poorly executed, as per NBA’s app tradition. I can’t help but think that the sole purpose of this app is to track (using microphone and in-app monitoring) whether or not someone is watching the game, watching commercials, etc. It’s 2018, do better!

Fun but...

I can’t login to my nba account and I am really frustrated because the game is actually really fun.😔

Can’t log in to nba account

I have an iPhone X and it won’t let me log into my nba account

Super Dope Update

So much better looking this year and super fast- it’s like a whole new app.


It's aight I get its supposed to be different from regular day fantasy but atleast allow background app use no one want to have there phone on for a whole entire game!


Ever other game it loses connection

Great Concept Needs Work

Fun game, great concept, but has a lot of glitches. Fix this and we're good 👌🏽

Good app but 1 major flaw

It is a great app and the idea of it is genius. Hope they continue to update it and add even more aspects to the app. But my major dig is there is about a 4-8 second delay on the app and the game. I know it isn't exactly easy to get exact up to the moment correlation between the app and the game but the delay really messes up your use of the turbo feature

Make an NFL one

The app is good but can we get one for the NFL

Fun way to watch the nba

Great app, hope the nba continues to support it.

Sync is stupid

Try's to "sync with my tv", says I'm behind but I'm watching what my tv provider is giving me. Can't even play because I'm "behind". Stupid.


App features do not work all the time. I've had the most issue with turbo mode. I lost interest after using this app for a game and a half.

Sync to tv?

This app is stupid you have to sync it to the sound of your tv

Events Director

It's a great way to compete with friends, even during slower games. Very cool graphics in the turbo mode.


I was like top 10 in this app.... last week but it since hasn't added up any of the points I've earned In the last 5 games and it's making me mad cuz now I'm out of the top 10 and it won't change my points

Too late to the game

App doesn't work with game streaming due to slight delay. Only works live. I understand why... but in a world that's moving to streaming the makers look stupid. Wish it would've worked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ok but can be better

The scoring is not accurate, I got my points while in turbo I then got out of the app really quick and when I returned I lost all of my points

Great Concept, Poor functionality

It's a cool app. However it constantly crashes/lags. Def not the experience I'm looking for in its current state .

Doesn't work with Sling Tv

Because Sling usually lags behind as opposed to cable... cord cutter discrimination!


Syncs once. After that it says there are no games playing so I can't participate in the contest.

Turrible app

Waste of time. Wouldn't show any of the games that have played, are playing, or will play. This app is purely for download revenue and not about the app AT all. 0/5 stars.

Just doesn't work

Would be fun if it worked

Good but to many restrictions

So I try to turn my brightness up on iPhone and I swiped up while my player hit a 3 and the points did not count It lags out and you get no points At the end of the game I turned off my phone and my 210 points did not count to my contest or anywhere else


Would like to see how this works but synced with tv 1/5 times. Hope this gets fixed.

Was alright but kept crashing

This app is somewhat addicting, when it actually works. 4/5 times the app will freeze or crash

Great game!

I gave it 4 out of 5 because sometimes it'll freeze or not update the scores correctly while playing it. And it'll crash from time to time. But it's an addicting game! You can win some cool prizes if you play it right. It makes me pay attention to the live games a lot more while I play this. Highly recommended for hardcore NBA fans such as myself.

Very Disappointed

It's not syncing with the tv. I tried it now for 20 minutes..this app has huge potential. But even after multiple Updates, nothing really has changed for me. Please fix it asap.

Does it really work?

This app works surprising walk despite what people might say. It works good except for one thing. It was behind by a few seconds but it doesn't affect your score I'm using this during the MiL and OKC game.

Update bugs.

It seems there's a longer delay with the game clock. Turbo button stopped working at the beginning of the second quarter of a game, then app wouldn't connect to the network all together. It's not my network since all other apps and programs are able to work.

Doesn't work

Every time it says that it needs to listen to the TV through the phones microphone it never hears the TV

Please remove the microphone function

This an amazing original idea with lots of potential but, it has one key flaw. The mic sync to the tv.... why? It have never worked for me once and I try every game, please just make it without the mic, maybe it connects to a play by play thing or something but I can't use it and that's not acceptable from a billion dollar company

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Just wanted to be the first, hopefully it's good. Seems like a cool idea


Won't even let me start a game but pls fix because it's a cool idea


Awesome idea for an app but it's so glitchy and has too many problems. I hope it's gonna get fixed soon because I'm just disappointed, please update asap.

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